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This article will answer the top six questions that are asked by man with gynecomastia.

  • What is gynecomastia?
  • The Cause Of Gynecomastia?
  • What treatments actually work?
  • How Effective is Gynexol?
  • Side Effects of Gynexol
  • How to Use Gynexol

What is Gynecomastia?

gynexol cream reviews

Before getting into the Gynexol reviews you must know about what is Gynecomastia!

One most common question about Gynecomastia, Gynecomastia is female breasts on men. its is also be known as Sudo Gynecomastia that’s fat accumulation that doesn’t occur during adolescence that just occurs as men gained weight more and more and it shows in your chest.

This can be treated with liposuction alone and get a very good outcome. But true Gynecomastia needs to have gland excision or you will not remedy the issue. The term Gynecomastia that we use to describe breast tissue that’s present in men.

It’s important to realize that every man has some measure of breast tissue in fact about 1% breast cancers occur in men.

Just because all men have some measure of breast tissue, that breast tissue can be responsive to changes in hormones aging or weight gain or weight loss. Some men excess tissue in the chest presents itself in a way that creates an appearance. It makes the male chest look somewhat or resemble somewhat a female chest. So for many men for years, this has been something that they just left with are covered with different types of compression. It could be shirts or clothing or garments. But more and more men becoming aware that this is an easily treatable condition the term is gynecomastia. But in essence, its breast and fatty tissue in the chest area of men.

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The Cause Of Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the overdevelopment of male breast. It can involve the fatty tissue as well as overgrowth of the barest glance. But before we explain what causes gynecomastia let’s first see what it looks like in real patients. A Lot of the Gentleman who comes in with man boobs. Infrequently part of our consultation discuss’s what are the causes of female chest in men. The majority of men who come in, it is what we call idiopathic meaning. We don’t know what’s causing it is.

We just know that there’s a small amount of breast tissue that is more noticeable in those patients. They wanted to be there is nothing physiologically wrong with them. So very common issue however, there are things that can cause men boobs.

The more common one that we see here now in Colorado is cannabis, Chronic cannabis or marijuana use chronic alcohol use cause Gynecomastia.

Others include medications some as medications treat normal things like high blood pressure. They treat GI problems like reflux, there some of them are antidepressants. There’s a very long list of medications that can or potentially cause Gynecomastia. Certainly, weight lifters who used performance-enhancing drugs like steroids anabolic steroids can have it. We see a lot of estrogen in things that change the estrogen and testosterone balance in the mail. It can cause such as cannabis and alcohol and other slave based protein.

Some people believe can cause a change in the testosterone and estrogen balance some protein supplements as well. So the list is quite long there’s also some significant medical problems that cause female chest in men. Gynecomastia really there are best worked up by a good endocrinologist that someone who studies your glands. Such as your pituitary thyroid and can measure some testosterone estrogen levels. So when we think about Gynecomastia, we think we discussed these issues with the patient. Often they will get fully evaluates by a medical doctor such as an endocrinologist or primary care doctor.

we can offer them surgery or the batter is Gynexol Cream cause we know surgery is very expensive in the US and it’s also painful for patients.

What treatments actually work?

There are a number of treatments that men struggling with gynecomastia can try. If they’re brave enough, they can undergo cosmetic surgery to have their excess breast tissue removed. Those who aren’t as brave can satisfy themselves with trying out various supplements and pills until they find one that actually works.

This is quite risky too, We all know that various medicines could have potential side effects and can do you more harm than good. But there is a new solution, Which has been hailed by Stewart Parry fitness expert from as a very effective solution to the men boobs problem.

It’s called Gynexol [Gyneaol Reviews], Gynexol cream is not a diet supplement or a pill that must be ingested. It’s actually a cream that should be applied once a day directly on the chest. Read More About Gynexol Cream Reviews!

Gynexol Reviews

How Effective is Gynexol?

Thousands of men already tried Gynexol Cream chest sculpting cream for gynecomastia and most of them were success stories. In as little as two weeks regularly applying the chest sculpting cream once a day many’s have positive results. By the time they reached the third month their man boobs are already a thing of the past. That is definitely cheaper than the fees normally spent a cosmetic surgery or the expensive cost of various medicines and supplements, That promise to get rid of gynecomastia but couldn’t. So we highly recommended to read Gynexol Reviews and get a batter option for gynecomastia treatment.

Also, Clinically proven Gynexol is safe for use. One bottle of Gynexol cream cost $79. Most men find best results after the 5-6 month, So why not take advantage of their discount on 5 tubes at only $244.65.

Side Effects of Gynexol

There are no major side effects in Gynexol Cream which is clinically proven. Those who have sensitive skin may experience redness/irritation. If you have sensitive skin we recommend to apply a small amount on any part of your body.

Gynexol cream is created with natural ingredients, So there will be no side effects on male breast after using that. Gynexol cream is FDA approved in the United States, So Clinically proven Gynexol is safe for use.

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How to Use Gynexol

You have to use Gynexol cream once in a day after taken a fresh bath. You need to massage your breast slowly so that Gynexol cream absorb properly. After starting the use of Gynexol you will see the changes very soon. The whole treatment depends on how much fat you need to lose in the breast area. Within 4 months you will get the best result after using Gynexol Cream on a regular basis. I hope you guys love this Gynexol Reviews.